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Dear parents of the BYSA,
I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge, and to thank you for sharing the frustrations I have
recently heard about through your emails, texts and personal conversations. As a parent and
coach as well, I truly understand your concerns.
As your recently elected BYSA President, I would like to be transparent and open about the
challenges we have faced. At the beginning of May, I, along with 7 newly-elected board
members, inherited a challenging season, rife with issues that have taken some time to address in
a productive and ethical way. We continue to work through these issues, and would like to
apologize for the impact this has had on you, our coaches and our players.
The confusion around scheduling, the less-than-professional email communications and the
general dissatisfaction with the operations have all been heard, and have been acted upon
appropriately. Moving forward, we strive to do better, and I feel we have a good collection of
caring and dedicated members at the helm. We are committed to a better BYSA, and endeavour
to bring well-organized and more transparent operations to you. On that note, all members are
welcome to ask for copies of meeting minutes, schedules, and mandates from the board, and they
will be posted on the website shortly.
We have parted ways with operations manager Dillon Lennox, who as of Tuesday, May 31, is no
longer affiliated with the BYSA. We thank Mr. Lennox for his efforts, and wish him luck in his
future endeavours. Going forward, all communications will be sent from the domain. Our new contact moving forward will be Please make sure this is added to your contacts list to ensure
communications reach you.
Finally, moving forward, we have set the last two game days of the schedule. June 5th will be in
Grand Forks, and the last day will be June 12th at BCSS in Midway. The schedule should be up
on the website shortly, along with field maps and times. The board is planning to make the
Midway wrap-up an event, so be ready for a fun-filled day in the Boundary.
If you feel the need to contact me directly, my email is
Thank you,
Ryan MacGregor, President,
On behalf of Boundary Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors