The BYSA operates as a registered Society (Incorporation No; S -0057396) and is a member of BC and Canada Soccer.

We are a District of our own,operating a single club, gaining our membership from Christina Lake to Big White.

The Spring of 2016 will see kids from ages 3 to 15,  playing on teams with certified coaches in the divisions U16, U13, U11, U9, U7 and Kicks for Kids which is Free and for ages 3 and 4.

Teams will built locally, practice locally and play games against teams from across the Boundary.

There will be 2 League tournaments, one to wrap up the Spring at the end of June and one to wrap up the Fall in late October,,Fun,fun and just more Fun!!

As well we are working hard to organize some groups to participate in out of town tournaments.

Every year we support an independant but dependable other agency to run a Summer Soccer Camp,,,check the Calender for more info.

We are always looking for volunteers, coaches or what have youz…..

Want to get involved? click here  for a volunteer form,

Want to send us an email click here

Mail Address:  Box 121 Grand Forks BC V0H 1H0

Phone Number: 250 443-9199


The  2015 Executive and Board of Directors

  • President / Tinaya Jorgenson –Term due Nov 2017
  • Vice President/ Bruce Laird, Term due Nov 2018
  • Treasurer / Tanis Piccini -Term due Nov 2018
  • Secretary / Angie Burch-Term due Nov 2017
  • Director  /Jessica McDonald Term due Nov 2017
  • Director,/Tracey Lloyd-Term due Nov 2017
  • Director,/Larrisa Alexander-Term due Nov 2018
  • Director,/Michelle Armstrong-Term due Nov 2018
  • Executive Director, Jeff Olsen open term, annual renewal.

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