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We are always in need of Coach’s;  throughout your players career in recreational sport you will be required to make a contribution to their sport,,,in Soccer it starts here, please make that move and contact us for more info… No experience needed,,at all. 🙂


All BYSA coaches will be trained and certified through either BC Soccer or a recognized Canadian Coaches Association equivalent.

Every year we will be offering clinics for all Coach’s covering the 3 to 15 year old ranges. 

The clinics will be held in the Boundary area and will be paid for by BYSA.

For more information or to register as a Coach or Referee contact us  by clicking on the Volunteer link at the bottom of this page or send us a note through our contact us link.

For clinic dates go to our Calender page

The coaching format that BYSA follows is taken from the Canada Soccer guidelines of Long Term Player Development and can be viewed through the to Wellness to the World Cup link on our website,,other important links that drive our philosophy are Canada Sport for Life and The Educated parent.

All coaches and volunteers must submit to an Criminal Record Check through the RCMP. Any cost of the CRC will covered by BYSA.

Interested persons wanting to coach must apply by filling out the:

 BYSA Volunteer Application Form.