Covid and Soccer

Hello soccer fans!  We are planning to offer 2021 Spring and Fall Soccer, it just may look a little different than usual.  Rest assured that the coaches and players will still be able to enjoy a great season of soccer in some manner! We are all with hope, that come April we will all be in the position to resume our regular ways. As things are completely unpredictable at best we are taking the high road and preparing for the best, but also ready to mitigate as needed to conform to the current guidelines at that time.

Current Soccer structure as of Dec 2 2020 as per the Provincial Covid Guidelines:

On December 2, 2020 the BC Health Authority and specifically Dr. Henry announced added restrictions that impact soccer in BC. These fall under the Provincial Health Authority Order so we must comply.

Youth indoor and outdoor soccer can occur under Phase 1 Soccer Guidelines with the following restrictions:

  • Physical distance is now classified as 3 metres.
  • No spectators.
  • Players may travel to their home club/team.
  • Team travel must be limited to stay within each city/municipality.

To view memo click the following link: 2020Dec_memo_provincial_govt_announcement_Dec3.pdf (

We will keep you posted as the BC Health Authority amends the restrictions and/or moves to a different phase! 

Enjoy the season!