U17 Development

BYSA Welcomes you to the Boundary United Development Program.

This U17 team will consist of boys and girls (14,15,16 year olds as of Dec 31 2019). 

This program is offered to Players who have “aged out” of the BYSA house league (U14) but have a keen interest in continuing on with Soccer as players and mentors. This group will not only be focusing on developing their own soccer skills through practices and tournaments but will also be working withing the house league with opportunities to be trained as referees or coaches. 

It is a performance driven program that will demand hard work, engagement and effort by the participants.  As usual dedication and commitment to team and self is the expectation.

The Program runs through the whole year with the intent to enter tournaments offered between Kelowna and the Kootanty’s, as well as some pick up friendlies with neighboring clubs.                                          

Cost is $45/ player, BYSA covers tournament registration but travel costs will fall to the player.

orange_register Jan 1st

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