Kicks for Kids


K4K 2021 Needs Facilitators in all areas of the Boundary, this program like all of our programs runs on the backs of the volunteers (parents) who see the value of the program and offer to be that person who will Coach. Yes we will train you, No you don’t need to know anything about Soccer..  🙂

–Kicks for Kids, is a highly popular program that is growing year by year, for children ages 3 and 4 (Dec 31 2020), the object is to give these kids a chance to play some soccer and soccer like games, on a field with other kids with the right equipment and a coach/facilitator.

It is an introduction to the game that will hopefully foster a life long love for soccer and being involved in sports. It is driven by having fun, not by achieving specific results.

Success is a returning participant!!

It is free and by drop in. (but you must register on line, see below)

Session times and places will be posted on our schedule page.



orange_register Jan 1st


Want to join in on the fun of running such a program? We will train you. 

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