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How to Register– All registration is online.  If you do not receive a confirmation in the few minutes after completing the form then something was wrong with your info entered  or you entered an incorrect e-mail address.


Season already running?


Contact us so we can try to accommodate you, we want all kids to play! 

A Little more to know

Players registering are expected to commit to;  yourself, your team, the other teams, the coaches, refs and others in the league that rely on your consistent attendance.

We keep our teams small to keep you on the field and not watching.

Commitment means supporting the league and your team by showing up for all practices and games and playing with spirit and grace.

Registering or paying fees late will directly effect where players are placed.


Need a SUBSIDY?  


BYSA All Kids Play Policy -All kids play regardless of ability to pay fees.

Contact Jeff in confidence at 443-9199 for more info.

or send us an email in confidence for more information on our All Kids Play Policy.


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Regular Season U7 to U16

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Kicks 4 Kids

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Development Program

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