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NOTE: at this time due to a lack of Coach’s and facilitators the only program left with open Registration is the U17 Development Program.

Therefore some of the below may not apply at this moment.

Fall Registration for all Programs Opens June 15th

How to Register– All registration is online.  If you do not receive a confirmation in the few minutes after completing the form then something was wrong with your info entered, or you entered an incorrect e-mail address.

BYSA offers a U7-U14 Program for all kids age 5-13 as of Dec 31 2020 and, a Development Program for kids 14,15,16 as of Dec 31 2020.

As well we offer the Kicks-4-Kids Program for kids aged 3 and 4 as of Dec 31 2020, this program is free with parental supervision required. (not a daycare or babysitting program)

NOTE:  Should a group of players ages 14 and and up as of Dec 31 2020 with a Coach want to create a tournament team then we will fund and support that. See also our Development Program.


Season already running?


Contact us so we can try to accommodate you, we want all kids to play! 

A Little more to know

Players registering are expected to commit to;  yourself, your team, the other teams, the coaches, refs and others in the league that rely on your consistent attendance.

We keep our teams small to keep you on the field and not watching.

Commitment means supporting the league and your team by showing up for all practices and games and playing with spirit and grace.

Registering or paying fees late will directly effect where players are placed.


Very Important


Last year we spent a good (bad) month trying to collect over $5,000 in late and unpaid fees, no doubt we don’t we want to repeat that again, therefore NO player will be considered for a team placement until we have received fees in full.


Need a SUBSIDY?  


BYSA All Kids Play Policy -All kids play regardless of ability to pay fees.

Contact Nikki in confidence at 250 444-1900 for more info.

or send us an email in confidence for more information on our All Kids Play Policy.

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U7-U14 (closed for Spring 2021)

Kicks-4-Kids (closed for Spring 2021)

U17 Development Program OPEN

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